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Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment is usually needed to treat advanced gum disease (periodontal disease). This treatment is usually carried out over multiple appointments. Dentists are becoming increasingly aware that gum disease is influenced by many factors and has links with a person's systemic health. 

Primarily treatment involves the removal of plaque that is on or below the gumline, and is the main cause of the inflammation causing the gum disease. Over the course of the treatment, our dentists will take time to explain to you what has caused the gum disease and how you can take steps to reduce the symptoms with home care. We are very fortunate to have Yogi at Montpelier Dental Care, who has completed his Master's degree in periodontology at Guy's Hospital in London.

Usually once you have completed a course of periodontal treatment, your dentist may recommend regular hygienist appointments to help prevent the symptoms from returning. Our hygienists also remove plaque from the gumline, providing the ideal service to help you to achieve good dental health.

Questions about treatment?

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